E-wallet for fast and secure mobile payments with QR/NFC technology

Install the app on your phone, enroll your credit/debit card and set the 4-digit 24pay PIN code.

For payment, follow these steps:

  1. Scan the QR code or hold the phone over the NFC symbol
  2. Select the desired product or service
  3. Confirm transaction
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24pay is an application that allows you to pay with your mobile phone by enrolling your credit/debit card. Transaction security is provided by Visa/Mastercard technology and all transactions are processed by an authorized payment processor (Romcard).

The application is based on QR / NFC technologies:

QR code (Quick Response code) is a bar code that can be read by smartphones. It encodes certain information, stores URLs and it’s useful for various mobile applications. By scanning the QR code displayed by 24pay partners, you will be directed to the product or service in the application.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a secure, short-range wireless technology (up to 10 cm) that provides two-way communication between a mobile phone and reception devices, such as other mobile phones, payment terminals, identifiers or electronic tags, allowing simplified transactions and data transfer connections with a simple touch.

By holding a compatible phone over the NFC symbol displayed by any 24pay partner, you will be redirected to the product or service in the application.

Whether you choose to scan the QR code or approach your phone over the NFC symbol, you will have a quick selection and a secure payment option. 24pay application allows you to debit your registered credit/debit card, with the authorized amount, for delivering the selected product or service.

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   Public transport


    Mobile Top Up

  Cofee/Snack vending



   Utility bill payment

  Money transfer

  Online payment


24Pay application ensures the level of security according to all rigors applied to electronic payment systems. The user payment information is stored within ROMCARD systems. All connections and communications are encrypted and secure.

Application access and transaction confirming is made by fingerprint authentication or by 4-digit 24pay PIN code. You can set a transaction limit for which authentication is not required, but for security reasons it cannot exceed 10 lei.

If you enter a wrong 24pay PIN code 6 times consecutively, all credit/debit card data will be erased. If the 24pay PIN code is lost, it can be re-generated within the application, based on the phone number authentication and SMS validation code, case in which the credit/debit card data will also be deleted (automatically).



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A secure and easy payment method.

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Utilizatorii transportului în comun din Timișoara vor putea achita titlurile de călătorie prin intermediul aplicației 24pay

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